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Certifications to Help you Improve Your Skills and Resumé.

Validate Your Expertise. 

Take your business to the next level and establish to the public what you're certified in. Topics vary, but take advantage of setting your business apart. Certifications define your commitment to excellence. 

Scroll down and explore certifications that align with your mission.

This digital marketing certification is a collaborative effort between the American Marketing Association (AMA) and the Digital Marketing Institute (DMI). Students who pass the exam will be dual-certified with two professional credentials: the PCM® Digital Marketing and Certified Digital Marketing Professional. - Online - Newbie to intermediary digital marketers looking to improve their expertise in the field and burnish their credentials - Duration: 30 hours of on-demand courses - Price: $1,368

Learn how to build an email marketing strategy that is human and helpful and builds trust with your contacts. - Free - 4 hours

This professional-level online course will prepare you to take the Online Marketing Certified Professional (OMCP) exam to earn the highly-valued certification.

Google Adwords

There are 11 Google Ads certifications currently available: 1. Google Ads Search 2. Google Ads Display 3. Google Ads Video 4. Shopping ads 5. Google Ads Apps 6. Google Ads Measurement 7. Google Ads Search Professional 8. Google Ads Display Professional 9. Google Ads Video Professional 10. Google Ads Creative 11. Grow Offline Sales

There are 4 Google Analytics courses currently available: 1. Google Analytics for Beginners 2. Advanced Google Analytics 3. Google Analytics for Power Users 4. Getting Started With Google Analytics 360

Learn the fundamentals of digital marketing to help your business or career. Master the basics of digital marketing with our free course accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. There are 26 modules to explore, all created by Google trainers, packed full of practical exercises and real-world examples to help you turn knowledge into action.

Learn about inbound marketing techniques and develop an understanding of the core tactics of inbound marketing. - Free - 5 hours

The prestigious Kellogg School of Business at Northwestern University offers a digital marketing certification as part of its executive education program. - Online - Best for serious professionals with a few years of work experience - Duration: 6 months (estimated 15-20 hours per week) - Cost: $6,950

Meta Certified Digital Marketing Associates understand the value that advertising on Meta technologies can deliver for businesses and they can use foundational tools to build campaigns.

When you earn the OMCP certification: - You stand out to employers and clients as having verified digital marketing skills, education, and experience - You are in demand as specialists, leaders, and accredited instructors - You earn between 16-26% more than non-certified digital marketers - You operate more effectively as a marketing professional, sharing common language and generally accepted practices across multiple disciplines and in at least two specialty disciplines

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