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Who We Are and What Is Driving Us.

Welcome to Dominican's Center for
Entrepreneurship, Diversity, and Education

The Center for Entrepreneurship Diversity and Education (CEDE) is the newest extension of the Brennan School of Business at Dominican University.


Our CEDE is dedicated to promoting diversity, inclusion, and opportunity by providing resources, education, and networking opportunities for students, alumni, and small businesses.


This may include offering training and mentorship programs, facilitating connections between entrepreneurs, potential investors or partners, and conducting research on industry trends and best practices - And so much more.

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Our mission is to empower individuals and communities to achieve economic prosperity and tap into their entrepreneurial spirit by providing access to resources, education, and networking opportunities.


Our vision is to create a sustainable and inclusive environment where all members of our community have the opportunity to start and grow successful businesses, leading to sustainable job creation and an improved quality of life.


Guided by the University's core values of Caritas et Veritas, we strive for inclusivity and sustainability. We believe in fostering innovation, collaboration, and creativity to break down barriers and create opportunities for all entrepreneurs.

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